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Give your bike a second life by transforming it into an electric bike with our pedal motor kit.



Give your bike a second life by transforming it into an electric bike with our pedal motor kit.


Imagine a conversion of your bike that raises it to the level of the greatest. Our mid-motor kit offers you this reality with a precise torque sensor, 80 N.m of power and advanced customization thanks to its Open Source system. Adaptable to all your routes with a top-of-the-range, communicating battery, this kit embodies the ultimate in versatility and reliability for an electric bike that never leaves you stranded.

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Technical specifications

Powerful, economical, easy to install and customizable: our electrification kit is made for you!

The benefits of Open source firmware

Transparent. Customizable. Secure. Innovative.

New VS Electrify your bike

Choosing to electrify your bike with our Kit helps the planet. But how?

Resources and pollution
  • Manufacturing a new bike requires considerable resources, including water: 3800 liters are needed for a new bike (

    source manufacturer Specialized

  • On average, a new bike emits 100kg CO2 during production, while a new electric bike emits 165kg CO2 (source: TREK manufacturer).

    report 2021

  • It is estimated that aluminum extraction is responsible for 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • +100% on the observed price, including new battery and spare parts.
  • For example: a new pedal motor for an electric bike (Bosch motorization) costs an average of €850 (motor alone, excluding battery, display, cables and labor).
  • The engines used by the major brands are generally very good performers, but this is not the case for low-cost engines.
  • Our kit offers performance similar to that of leading brands, thanks to the torque sensor and open-source firmware.
  • The electric kit and its Open Source firmware enable greater customization of the electric bike to suit the user's needs.
  • Few motorization brands offer the same level of customization, and none of them allow unbridling.

Any questions before you saddle up?

It’s not always easy to get your foot on the pedal, so take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions, if you want to know more!

The TSDZ2 kit features a central motor for better weight distribution and ride feel than kits with front or rear wheel motors (electric wheel type kits). It also means that power transmission is more efficient, which can extend battery life and provide better assistance.

The controller is the brain of the system, managing the motor’s power supply and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. At Syklo, we program it using our Open Source Software (OSF). We talk about it here.

Last but not least, the control screen lets you view various parameters such as speed, distance covered, remaining battery life, instantaneous/average/maximum fuel consumption and a whole host of other extremely useful information thanks to the OSF.

If you’re looking to convert your bike into a practical and economical means of electric transport, an electric bike kit is an excellent option.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about installing or configuring the best kit for your bike.

The TSDZ2 kit is designed to be easy to install(tutorial here) on most types of bike with a standard bottom bracket (BSA or JIS), but there may be differences depending on the type of frame and existing components on the bike. Read the compatibility guide here 👍

Otherwise, it’s advisable to consult a professional about kit installation if you’re not sure of your abilities. Buy a kit from Syklo and ask us about the workshops we work with.

The torque sensor measures the force exerted on the pedals by the rider and adjusts the pedaling assistance accordingly. The torque sensor is more precise than the speed or rotation sensors(found on Bafang BBS01 motor kits), making pedaling assistance more natural and effective. Sensor accuracy depends on model and build quality, but the torque sensor in the TSDZ2 kit is considered highly accurate. Be careful not to put your feet on the pedals during start-up (1 to 2 seconds) to allow the torque sensor to initialize.

Otherwise, it’s advisable to consult a professional about kit installation if you’re not sure of your abilities. Buy a kit from Syklo and ask us about the workshops we work with.

The weight of the battery depends on the capacity you choose: the 360Wh weighs 2.2kg and the 540Wh 3.8kg. Range also depends on capacity and the level of assistance used, but in general, the battery can last from 30 km to over 100 km per charge. It’s estimated that the average consumption of a VAE is around 7Wh/km. Thanks to the Open Source Firmware and Display Expert, you can monitor your consumption precisely and achieve even lower consumption levels (20% savings easily achievable).

The kit’s maximum speed depends on French and European regulations, i.e. 25km/h. However, with the Expert screen, the maximum speed can be modified (by entering a password). Your VAE will then be illegal on public roads, and you’ll easily be able to exceed 35km/h (watch out for wear and tear on your electric kit: our 24-month warranty will no longer apply).

The TSDZ2 kit comes with the motor, battery, charger and display of your choice. You’ll also find all the components you need to assemble your kit: screws, cables, cranks, clamps and a special wrench for the main nut. However, to ensure proper assembly, you will need the following additional tools:

  1. Allen key sets (2.5 mm / 3 mm / 4 mm / 5 mm / 6 mm),
  2. Phillips and flathead screwdrivers,
  3. Torque wrench (optional),
  4. Crank puller (available from any bike/sports store),
  5. Bottom bracket disassembly wrench for your model (available from any bike/sports store),
  6. Cutting pliers,
  7. Net brake (available from DIY stores),
  8. A few extra clamps

Yes, the electric conversion of your bike is reversible and the kit can be removed if necessary to go on another bike. That’s the beauty of investing in a kit that can easily grow with your needs.

Assistance levels can be set from the display screen, using buttons from the menu. Detailed configuration instructions depend on the display model used and are supplied with the kit.

Our bicycle electrification kit is guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase, provided it is used in accordance with the legal power and speed regulations. To prolong the life of your kit and avoid any problems, we recommend that you follow the recommended operating instructions, such as storing it away from humidity, using it at temperatures between -10°C and 40°C, charging the battery regularly, and avoiding use in extreme conditions. In the event of a problem covered by the warranty, our after-sales service will be happy to help you find a quick and efficient solution. For further details, please consult our terms and conditions here

Yes, the battery is removable and can be recharged away from the bike. We recommend using the charger supplied with the kit to ensure optimum charging. To prolong the life of your battery, charge it after each use and store it at a temperature between 10 and 20°C. Avoid letting the battery discharge completely before recharging, as this can damage the cells. Remember to recharge your battery at least once a month, and never store it flat.

The electric motor kit is designed to be used with a maximum load of 150 kg on flat ground, however it is important to check that your bike can support such a load, and to check the bike manufacturer’s specifications for expected weight limits (usually between 100 and 150 kg). The kit can be used on most terrains, but care must be taken on very steep or uneven ground to avoid overheating the motor and battery.

We understand that you can’t wait to receive your order, but unfortunately we don’t offer 24-hour delivery. We work with fast delivery services, but our preparation and shipping team can’t match the processing speed of Amazon warehouses.

We’ve adopted a 4-day working week, because we firmly believe in the importance of a healthy work-life balance. This means that our team is more rested, happier and more efficient when they’re at work, but it can also mean that your order may take slightly longer to process than you’re used to.

However, rest assured that we will do our utmost to ship your order as quickly as possible, while ensuring the quality of our products and services. We believe that fast delivery is important, but we also believe that reliable, quality delivery is even more important.

Thank you for your understanding and trust. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. We’re here to help.

24-month warranty
A team of experts & after-sales service in France
Free delivery in France and Belgium
30 days to change your mind
Compatibilité de mon vélo

Compatibilité moteur TSDZ2

Popup compatibilite

Il y a 3 facteurs principaux pour déterminer si le moteur pédalier TSDZ2 s’adapte à votre vélo actuel. Le diamètre intérieur du pédalier, la largeur et l’épaisseur de la paroi.

Le moteur est compatible avec les boîtiers de pédalier qui ont un diamètre intérieur de 33,5 à 35 mm, une largeur de 68 à 73 mm et une épaisseur de paroi inférieure (ou un dégagement inférieur) à 8 mm. Ce type de pédalier est généralement appelé BSA ou JIS.

Nous proposons également un adaptateur pour les boitiers de pédalier Pressfit 41mm.

Plus de détail ici pour découvrir comment vérifier la compatibilité de votre vélo avec nos gabarits (sinon contactez nous ici)

Compatibility of my bike

TSDZ2 motor compatibility

There are 3 main factors to determine whether the TSDZ2 crankset motor will fit your current bike. Internal diameter of crankset, width and wall thickness.

The motor is compatible with bottom brackets with an inside diameter of 33.5 to 35 mm, a width of 68 to 73 mm and a wall thickness (or clearance) of less than 8 mm. This type of crankset is generally referred to as BSA or JIS.

We also offer an adapter for Pressfit 41mm bottom brackets.

More details here  to find out how to check your bike’s compatibility with our jigs (or contact us here).

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