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Turn your bike into an electric bike

Good for your finances. Gentle on the environment.


Pedal motor


Torque sensor


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Enjoy speeds like never before

Torque sensor

Pedal naturally, it follows

98% of bicycles

Compatible and cheaper than new


Top-of-the-range engines

From €550 or 3x €184
From €610 or 3x €204
From €780 or 3x €260

Step up a gear with our electrification kit!

Transform your bike into a practical, powerful electric bicycle.

16.6 million isn’t the number of kits we’ve sold, it’s the number of bicycles in France in 2023. So why buy a new bike when you can reuse your old one? What’s more, our kit is reliable, upgradeable and repairable for truly sustainable mobility.


Easy to install

An installation video and our team are at your disposal for in-house installation in 2 hours.


A motor with a torque sensor (like top-of-the-range Bosch👌 motors) that can be fully customized (power, speed)! Syklo loads and configures your Kit before shipping!

Ecological and economical

No need to build a new bike! Transform your bike into a top-of-the-range electric bicycle.

Easy to install

An installation video and our team are at your disposal for in-house installation in 2 hours.


A motor with a torque sensor (like on top-of-the-range Bosch👌 type engines) that’s fully customizable (power and speed)! Syklo loads and configures your Kit before shipping!

Ecological and economical

No need to build a new bike! Transform your bike into a top-of-the-range electric bicycle.


They're already on the road


Welcome to our workshop

Our workshop in the Drôme Valley, in the south of France, enables us to offer you the best service and after-sales support to make your project a success. Come and see us to electrify your bike with our TSDZ2b crankset motor kit with Open Source Firmware.

We also carry out all repairs and after-sales service in our workshop, including engine dismantling, maintenance and assembly. For all the products we sell, we provide direct after-sales service.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your electrification, repair and after-sales service needs!


Find out who's behind Syklo

At Syklo, our commitment is simple: to offer you reliable, upgradeable and repairable products for sustainable mobility. We work directly with renowned Asian manufacturers and are committed to fair and equitable pricing.

We are committed to making our products as durable and repairable as possible, without proprietary code or programmed obsolescence. We also offer a local expertise service to help you choose the right product and configure it.

At Syklo, we’re convinced that electrifying bicycles is the perfect way to invest in sustainable, economical mobility (and if blue and red stripes don’t appeal to you , click here).


Follow the guide!

Explore the Compatibility and Tutorial pages to transform your bike into an electric bike with complete confidence. Compatibility is essential, and in our guide we detail the criteria to check, such as bottom bracket, battery space and the quality of your drivetrain and brakes.

Once you’re sure your bike is compatible, our step-by-step Tutorial will guide you through fitting the electrification kit. Video tutorials and detailed guides take you through every step of the installation process. And if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our technical team to discuss them face-to-face.


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Any questions before you saddle up?

It’s not always easy to get your foot on the pedal, so take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions if you want to know more!

An electric bike kit is a set of parts that transforms a conventional bike into an electric one. It generally consists of a motor, battery, controller and control screen. The motor can be mounted on the hub of the front or rear wheel, but ideally it will be mounted directly on the crankset (perfect combo: efficiency / maneuverability) and powered by the battery.

The controller is the brain of the system, managing the motor’s power supply and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. At Syklo, we program it using our Open Source Software (OSF).

Last but not least, the control screen lets you view various parameters such as speed, distance covered, remaining battery life, instantaneous/average/maximum fuel consumption and a whole host of other extremely useful information thanks to the OSF.

If you’re looking to convert your bike into a practical and economical means of electric transport, an electric bike kit is an excellent option.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about installing or configuring the best kit for your bike.

Our TSDZ2 crankset motor kit fits most types of bikes, including city bikes, mountain bikes, cargo bikes, racing bikes and more. With its easy-to-install design and numerous mounting options, our kit can be installed on most bicycle frames without major modification. This means you can easily transform your current bike into a practical means of electric transport, while retaining the comfort and manoeuvrability you appreciate. Here’s the page where you’ll find all the information you need to make sure your bike is compatible.

If you have any questions about the installation or compatibility of our TSDZ2 conversion kit, please do not hesitate to contact our team for expert advice on how to adapt our kit to your bike.

Our TSDZ2 electric bike conversion kit offers many advantages for cyclists who want to transform their everyday bike into a practical, environmentally-friendly means of electric transport. With a powerful motor, top-of-the-range battery and Open Source software, this kit offers precise, smooth electric assistance for an enjoyable, effortless cycling experience (or almost, it’s up to you 🙂 ).

Our TSDZ2 kit stands out for its reliability, durability and ease of installation. The motor is designed to provide reliable, constant electric assistance, whether you’re pedaling on flat terrain or more challenging hills. Our batteries are also high-performance, providing a range of up to 100 km.

Our electrical conversion kit also offers reduced energy consumption (thanks to the torque sensor and Open Source software). By opting for an electric bike instead of your car, you’re helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while saving money on your daily commute.

All in all, the electric bike conversion kit with TSDZ2 motor is a wise choice for cyclists looking to transform their bike into a practical, ecological and economical means of electric transport. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about installation, or to choose the best kit for your needs.

If you use a 360 Wh battery for your electric bike fitted with a TSDZ2 250W motor, range will depend on a number of factors. However, you can expect a battery life of between 40 and 70 km, depending on the frequency of assistance, the rider’s weight, weather conditions (wind, cold) and the terrain covered.

The lower battery capacity will also influence the overall weight of the electric bike. By choosing a higher-capacity battery, such as a 540 Wh, you can ensure a longer range (around 100km). However, it’s important to note that larger-capacity batteries will similarly increase the overall weight of your electric bike.

In all cases, our team can help you choose the battery that best suits your needs and your bike. Contact us for more information on our batteries and kits with TSDZ2 motors.

Installing a bike electrification kit may seem daunting at first, but don’t panic! Here are a few steps to help you install your bike electrification kit safely and efficiently:

  1. Preparation: Before you start, make sure you have all the tools you need for installation. And check the compatibility of your bike: Explanation here
  2. Remove existing parts: To install the kit, the existing cranks and crankset must be removed. Tuto here and
  3. Fitting kit parts: Install the parts supplied with the kit, such as the motor, battery and display. Tuto here

We hope these instructions have helped you install your bicycle electrification kit safely and with peace of mind. If you have any installation problems or questions about the kit, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always ready to help!

Short answer: No.

Long answer: We’ve chosen to concentrate on the design, customization, programming and after-sales/repair of our kits here in France. But let’s face it, what really counts is where the components and raw materials come from. For the moment, we don’t plan to assemble the engine components ourselves, but we’re thinking about it, as the time required is low (around ten minutes) and it would improve our quality control, but we wouldn’t allow ourselves to talk about Made in France.

Most types of brake are compatible with the electrification of a bicycle. Disc brakes are generally the most efficient for electric bikes, but shoe brakes can also be used. In all cases, it’s important to ensure that the brakes are properly maintained and adjusted for optimum safety.

Yes, electrifying a bike is legal in France and Europe, but there are rules to be observed. First of all, motor power must be limited to 250 watts, and the maximum speed must not exceed 25 km/h. In addition, the bike must be equipped with a system that automatically cuts off electric assistance when the cyclist exceeds 25 km/h or stops pedaling. Wearing a helmet is not compulsory, but we strongly recommend it for the cyclist’s safety, as well as the installation of powerful lights and the wearing of a fluorescent vest (top class).

Our bike electrification kit meets all legal requirements in terms of motor power, maximum speed and automatic cut-off of electric assistance (the torque sensor automatically detects whether you’re pedaling or not). So you can electrify your bike legally and without the risk of a fine.

However, it’s important to note that if you modify the kit to exceed the legal power or speed limits, you risk a fine and your bike will no longer be allowed on public roads. For your own safety and that of other road users, we recommend that you comply with the power and speed limits recommended by law. What’s more, if you modify these parameters (max speed and max power), the 24-month warranty no longer applies.

Our bike electrification kit is designed for moderate use. Any modification of maximum speed, power or intensive use at maximum power risks accelerating the normal wear and tear of motor parts.

Our bicycle electrification kit is guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase. However, it only applies within the limits of use in compliance with the legal rules on power and speed. Changing these settings, or using the kit intensively at maximum power, will accelerate the normal wear and tear of engine parts, and will invalidate the warranty. It is therefore essential to respect the legal limits and use the kit under the right conditions.

We also recommend that you do not allow the battery to discharge completely. Finally, use of the electrification kit in extreme conditions (mountains, sand, snow) may cause premature wear of parts and will not be covered by the warranty. It is therefore important to follow the recommended instructions for use to prolong the life of the kit and avoid any problems. If you have any questions about using the kit, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department for advice and recommendations.

To sum up, here are the points to keep your warranty in force for 24 months, or even better, to exceed 5,000 km in 2 years without major maintenance👍:

  1. Use in compliance with legal power and speed requirements
  2. Use of the kit under the right conditions (no intensive off-road use, no loads exceeding 150 kg)
  3. Store under cover to avoid exposure to moisture.
  4. No immersion in water or near fire
  5. Operating temperature from -10°C to 40°C
  6. Battery storage ideally between 15°C and 25°C
  7. Monthly 10-15 minute battery charge when not in use
  8. Do not allow battery to discharge completely (can be programmed via OSF)
  9. Avoid use in extreme conditions (mountains, heavy rain, sand, snow).

In the event of a problem covered by the warranty, our after-sales service is at your disposal to find a quick and efficient solution (always giving priority to repair rather than replacement).

We’re convinced of the quality of our electrification kit, and we do everything in our power to guarantee the best experience for our customers.

Delivery of our electrification kit is free of charge in mainland France with our GEODIS carrier, who will make an appointment with you for delivery to your home. On the day of delivery, you’ll receive an email/SMS with the driver’s time slot (3-hour slot). This is followed by a time slot refined to 1 h as the delivery approaches, and accompanied by the number of deliveries the driver still has to make, as well as the vehicle’s geolocation.

We are unable to offer any other type of delivery, as the bicycle electrification kit battery is considered to be a dangerous item and is prohibited on conventional networks (La poste, Chronoposte, Point relais, etc.). If you’re buying a kit item other than a battery, you’ll be offered a relay point. For overseas destinations such as DOM-TOM or Corsica, as well as for Belgium and Switzerland, please consult the details when confirming your order.

We’re committed to fast, reliable delivery, so you can enjoy our product as quickly as possible. In the event of delays or problems with your delivery, our after-sales service is at your disposal to find a rapid and satisfactory solution.

We recommend that you provide as accurate delivery information as possible when placing your order to ensure that your package is delivered quickly and safely. If you have any further questions about our delivery process, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page. We’re here to help!

Are you a professional with questions about our bike electrification kits? See our FAQ Pro for more information.

Tutoriel d'installation

Tutoriel d'installation

Youhou ! Vous êtes prêts à électrifier votre vélo ! Bien sûr, l’installation peut sembler un peu intimidante au début, mais pas de stress ! Nous allons vous donner les étapes à suivre pour installer votre kit d’électrification de vélo en toute sécurité et efficacité. 

  1. Tout d’abord, assurez-vous d’avoir tous les outils nécessaires à portée de main. Vérifiez également que votre vélo est compatible avec le kit en vérifiant ici – c’est facile et rapide ! 
  2. Ensuite, il est temps de retirer les pièces existantes. Pas de panique, vous trouverez des tutoriels super clairs ici et pour vous guider. 
  3. Enfin, vous pouvez monter les pièces du kit – c’est la partie la plus amusante ! Installez le moteur, la batterie et le display en suivant notre tutoriel pas à pas en image ou en vidéo – vous êtes prêt à rouler !


Installation tutorial

Installation tutorial

Youhou! You’re ready to electrify your bike! Of course, installation may seem a little intimidating at first, but don’t stress! We’ll show you how to install your bike electrification kit safely and efficiently.

  1. First of all, make sure you have all the necessary tools at hand. Also check that your bike is compatible with the kit by checking here – it’s quick and easy!
  2. Then it’s time to remove the existing parts. Don’t panic, you’ll find super-clear tutorials here and there to guide you.
  3. Finally, you can assemble the kit parts – this is the fun part! Install the motor, battery and display by following our step-by-step video or image tutorial – and you’re ready to roll!