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About Syklo

At Syklo, we are committed to bucking the business model of the industry’s big companies and offering sustainable, affordable products. Our fair prices correspond to market prices and include our costs, transport, VAT and a 2-year guarantee. Find out who’s behind Syklo and our passion for sustainable mobility!

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Towards a sustainable and more economical mobility

At Syklo, we’re committed to offering products that are reliable, upgradeable and repairable. Our offer is transparent: we work directly with renowned Asian manufacturers (Tongsheng, APT, Star Union). Our job is to provide you with the best possible product, at a more competitive price (and better quality than Bafang’s BBS01) than low-end new EAB solutions.

We keep in mind that the products we offer require the extraction of raw materials in limited quantities (👋 cuckoo Philippe Bihouix) and polluting industrial processes (👋 cuckoo Guillaume Pitron and Aurore Stephant). That’s why we work to make our products as durable and repairable as possible over time, without proprietary code or programmed obsolescence. Let’s face it, one of our missions is to counter the business model of the sector’s big companies, which make their customers captive.

We want to offer a sustainable product that’s accessible to all budgets. Our prices are fair and equitable, in line with market prices, and allow us to cover our costs (wages, workshop, etc.), transport (including to your door), VAT (20%) and, above all, a 2-year warranty.

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Repairable and upgradeable products, thanks to an Open Source community

All our products feature programmable, easy-to-set microcontrollers and displays, giving them strong scalability over time (Thanks 🙏 infinitely to the Open Source Firmware community ❤️).

Last but not least, we offer a local, expert service to help you choose the right product and set up your system. You can book an appointment at any time using our integrated appointment booking tool.

Our bike electrification kit is the perfect solution for investing in sustainable and economical mobility(we give you 10 reasons here to choose us).

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Who ' s behind Syklo?

👋 Hello everyone, I’m Yanni! Thirtysomething and an engineer by training, but above all passionate about bikes 🚴‍♂️, ecology 🌱 and a bit of a geek 🤓 on the edges.

💡 You know how I discovered the electrification kit? 7 years ago, my sweetheart (currently the mother of my child) was working on the outskirts of Lyon, 20 km from the city center where we lived. She wanted to switch to an electric bike ⚡ to reduce her environmental impact 🌍 and improve her daily commute. But how could we be sure it would be useful? Was it worth investing so much money 💰 (around €2500) in a top-of-the-range model?

🚴‍♂️ After testing a number of EABs (entry-level rented by the City of Lyon and top-of-the-range loaned by friends), I decided to convert a trekking bike into an EAB. Due to a lack of information, I made the classic first mistake of using a motor that was too powerful (and therefore illegal on public roads). But over time, my knowledge in the field evolved and I discovered a new engine 🔧 (and above all a great Open Source community) that perfectly matched my needs.

🚀 It was this passion for bicycles and electrification that prompted me to launch Syklo. Living in the countryside 🌳, I wanted to contribute to decarbonization and take action on everyday mobility. And frankly, the current range of bottom bracket motor kits just didn’t suit me. Too expensive or too marketing, it was difficult to find the right compromise.

Give new life to your favorite bike

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