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Are you looking to electrify your bike to make it more efficient and better suited to your needs? At Syklo, we’re here to help you bring your project to life with personalized, professional advice.

For answers to frequently asked questions about electrifying your bike, visit our FAQ page. You’ll find useful information to help you make the best decisions for your project.

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FAQ summary

FAQ Motor and complete kit

All questions about our engine and our complete kit.

An electric bike conversion kit is a set of parts that enables you to transform your traditional bike into an electric one. It generally consists of a motor, battery, controller and control screen. The motor can be installed in the hub of the front or rear wheel, but it is preferable to install it on the crankset for better maneuverability and efficiency. The controller manages motor and battery power, while the control screen displays various information in real time.

Yes, our TSDZ2 bottom bracket motor kit can be adapted to many types of bike, including city, mountain, racing and even cargo bikes. The design of our kit makes it easy to install on most bicycle frames without the need for modification. However, we recommend that you check your bike’s compatibility with our kit before purchasing.

Installing the electric bike conversion kit is fairly straightforward if you have the right tools and the necessary knowledge. However, this may vary according to the type of frame and components already in place on your bike. We therefore recommend that you read the compatibility guide carefully and follow the installation instructions included with your kit.

Installing a bike electrification kit may seem complex, but it can be an easy operation if you follow the instructions supplied with the kit. Here are the 3 main installation steps:

  1. remove existing parts such as cranks and bottom bracket,
  2. replace them with the parts supplied in the kit, such as the motor and battery.
  3. Make sure all components are properly secured and test your bike to ensure that everything is working properly.

Our TSDZ2 electric bike conversion kit has many advantages for cyclists wishing to convert their bike into a practical, environmentally-friendly means of electric transport. The motor offers constant, reliable electric assistance, and the battery can provide a range of up to 100 km. Our kit is easy to install and comes with Open Source software for fine-tuning every parameter. By choosing to convert your bike to an electric bike, you’re also helping to reduce the electric bike’s greenhouse gas emissions compared with buying a new bike.

The TSDZ2 kit features a central motor for more balanced weight distribution, improved ride feel and more efficient power transmission than wheel-mounted kits. What’s more, this can extend battery life and provide better assistance. We wrote an article about it.

The torque sensor measures the force exerted on the pedals by the rider and adjusts the assistance accordingly (not like on Bafang BBS01 motors). It is more precise than speed or rotation sensors, providing more natural assistance. Accuracy depends on model and build quality, and the TSDZ2 kit sensor is considered highly accurate. Just be careful not to put your feet on the pedals when starting (1 to 2 seconds), to allow the torque sensor to initialize.

The kit comes complete with the motor, battery, charger and display of your choice, as well as everything you need for assembly: screws, cables, cranks, clamps and a special wrench for the main nut.

For assemblyIn order to get the most out of your crankset, you’ll need sets of Allen keys (2.5 mm / 4 mm / 5 mm / 6 mm / 8 mm), a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, a torque wrench (optional), a crank extractor, a bottom bracket removal wrench, cutting pliers, a “removable” Loctite Blue threadlocker and a few extra clamps.

No, the kit is made in partnership with well-known Asian manufacturers (Tongsheng, APT, Wuxi). Our aim is to limit environmental impact and encourage the local economy, but for the moment only the design, programming, quality control and after-sales service are carried out in our workshop in France.

Are you a professional looking for information on our bike electrification kits? See our FAQ Pro for more details.

The kit cannot exceed the legal limit of 25km/h. However, if you use theExpert screen, you can change this limit (using a password), which will make your electric bike illegal on public roads. You’ll be able to reach high speeds of over 35 km/h, but this can damage your electric kit, void the 24-month warranty and entail significant risks.

Yes, our bike electrification kit allows you to convert your bike into an electric bike, and you can also dismantle it to put it on another bike. This means you can easily adjust the equipment to suit your needs.

We offer a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. You can benefit from this warranty provided that you use the kit in accordance with the legal rules governing power and speed. To extend the life of your kit, we recommend that you follow the instructions for use, such as storing it away from humidity, using it at temperatures between -10°C and 40°C, recharging the battery regularly and avoiding use in extreme conditions.

Our electric motor kit can be used with a maximum load of 150 kg on flat ground. However, it’s important to check your bike manufacturer’s specifications for expected weight limits (usually between 100 and 150 kg). The kit can be used on most terrains, but it’s important to take precautions on steep slopes or uneven terrain to avoid overheating the motor and battery.

Open Source Firmware with the TSDZ2B 250W motor offers many advantages, including an exceptional driving experience thanks to sophisticated algorithms. These enable the electric bike to be responsive, fast and agile, while providing optimum assistance that can be customized to suit your riding style. Last but not least, thanks to the regular availability of updates, the Open Source Firmware offers always up-to-date performance for your motor.

FAQ Battery

All questions about our batteries.

Obviously, the first big difference is their capacity and therefore the range they offer: the 360 Wh has a shorter range than the 540 Wh. But that’s not all: the 360 Wh is lighter and more compact than the 540 Wh. On the other hand, the 540 Wh battery offers a more robust system for attaching it to your frame! your choice 🙂

The battery is attached using a support plate and M5 screws (supplied). Simply screw the plate into the holes provided on your frame for the bottle holder, respecting the recommended distances. The plate offers several fixing points to adapt the position of the battery to your preferences. The 540Wh battery mount has a steel plate that is more resistant to vibration than the 360Wh battery, which will be reserved for road use.

As a buyer, it’s important to be aware that battery production involves the extraction of many materials from the earth, which have a significant impact on the surrounding biodiversity. At Syklo, our batteries are fitted with high-quality cells to ensure optimum use of resources and longer life. By following the instructions for use, you’ll extend the life of your battery and contribute to a better use of energy.

Yes, the battery is supplied with a 42V 2A charger with DC jack plug (2.1×5.5x12mm) for rapid recharging in around 3 to 5 hours.

The battery is guaranteed for 24 months. In the event of a problem, you can contact our after-sales service in France for help, or return the battery free of charge within 30 days. However, any trace of opening, impact or oxidation may invalidate the warranty. Batteries are guaranteed to retain 70% of their original capacity after 500 charge cycles or 24 months, depending on the date of manufacture. Following the battery care instructions will help prolong its life.

The weight of the battery depends on the capacity you choose. The 360 Wh version weighs 2.2 kg, while the 540 Wh version weighs 3.8 kg. Autonomy depends on the capacity and level of assistance you use. On average, the battery lasts from 30 km to over 100 km per charge. Thanks to the Open Source Firmware and Display Expert, you can monitor your consumption precisely, enabling even greater energy savings.

Yes, the battery is removable and can be recharged away from the bike. For optimum charging, we recommend using the charger supplied with your bike electrification kit. To prolong the life of your battery, be sure to charge it after each use and store it at room temperature (between 10 and 20°C). Avoid letting the battery discharge completely before recharging, as this can damage the cells. It’s important to recharge your battery at least once a month and never store it completely discharged.

FAQ Display

Any questions about our screens.

The display is supplied with a detailed installation manual to guide you through the installation process. If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment with one of our experts.

The PRO display is compatible with most electric bikes with 22.2 mm handlebars. If you have any doubts about the compatibility of your bike, don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized advice.

The PRO display shows essential information such as time, distance covered, speed, battery charge status, etc. It also features 4 levels of assistance to adapt pedaling to the cyclist’s effort.

Yes, the PRO screen has IP65 splash-proof protection, making it resistant to rain and splashes.

PRO and EXPERT screens are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase. If you have any problems with your screen, please do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our after-sales service in France.

The installation manual supplied with theExpert display will guide you step by step through the installation process. The display is adaptable to 3 different handlebar diameters (31.8mm, 25.4mm and 22.2mm) for easy installation on all types of bike.

The Expert display shows all the information you need for a perfect riding experience, such as battery voltage, pedaling power, consumption in Wh/km, and much more. We talk about it in an Open Source Firmware article right here!

The Expert screen is complete, configurable, intelligent and connected. It lets you take advantage of sophisticated algorithms for exceptional performance from your electric bike. What’s more, it’s compatible with batteries from 24 to 60 volts, so you can switch with older batteries, for example.

FAQ Shipping & Returns

All questions about our Delivery and Returns policy

Delivery of our electrification kit is free of charge in mainland France with our GEODIS carrier, who will make an appointment with you for delivery to your home. On the day of delivery, you’ll receive an email/SMS with the driver’s time slot (3-hour slot). This is followed by a time slot refined to 1 h as the delivery approaches, and accompanied by the number of deliveries the driver still has to make, as well as the vehicle’s geolocation.

We are unable to offer any other type of delivery, as the bicycle electrification kit battery is considered to be a dangerous item and is prohibited on conventional networks (La poste, Chronoposte, Point relais, etc.). If you are buying a kit item other than a battery, you will be offered a relay point. For overseas destinations such as DOM-TOM or Corsica, as well as for Belgium and Switzerland, please consult the details when confirming your order.

We’re committed to fast, reliable delivery, so you can enjoy our product as quickly as possible. In the event of delays or problems with your delivery, our after-sales service is at your disposal to find a rapid and satisfactory solution.

We recommend that you provide as accurate delivery information as possible when placing your order to ensure that your package is delivered quickly and safely. If you have any further questions about our delivery process, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page. We’re here to help!

We offer free, reliable delivery in mainland France for your bicycle electrification kit. You’ll receive a 3-hour delivery window by email/SMS, then a 1-hour window as delivery approaches. Your order may take slightly longer to process than you are used to, but rest assured that we will do our utmost to dispatch your order as quickly as possible.

Yes, you can track your order in real time thanks to the geolocation of our GEODIS carrier’s vehicle. You’ll receive a 3-hour delivery slot by email/SMS, then a refined 1-hour slot as delivery approaches, along with the number of deliveries the driver still has to make.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may exercise your right of withdrawal within 30 days of receiving your order. The right of withdrawal may be exercised online, using the withdrawal form or any other unambiguous statement expressing the wish to withdraw, and in particular by post sent to our postal address or by e-mail as indicated in ARTICLE 7 of the GCS.

Returns must be made in their original condition and complete (packaging, accessories, instructions, etc.) so that they can be marketed as new, accompanied by the purchase invoice. Damaged, soiled or incomplete products cannot be taken back. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

The exchange (subject to availability) or refund will be made within 14 days of receipt by the Vendor of the products returned by the customer under the conditions set out in the GTCS. If you have any questions or concerns regarding returns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.