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Samuel’s ELOPS Long Distance 900 Decathlon


Fascinated by the idea ofelectrifying a bike for a long time, Samuel seized the opportunity, after his previous defective electric bike was reimbursed, to acquire a well-equipped bike and goelectrified. After exploring various online options, Samuel came across the Syklo website. One call to the Syklo team, and he had all the information he needed to electrify his future bike. Despite the demanding requirements, Syklo was able to come up with a kit that perfectly met its needs.


Description of the Vélo Avant Electrification:

Beforeelectrification, his bike was a Decathlon Ville Longue Distance 900 with a high frame. Featuring disc brakes, an aluminum frame and 11 speeds, it has proven to be an excellent choice for the velotaf – an ideal candidate forelectrification.


Reasons for Electrification:

After a disappointing first experience with an off-the-shelf electric bike, Samuel was looking for a more personalized solution. His goal: to get an electric velotaf tailored to his specific needs.


Choice of Syklo Kit:

For his velotaf, Samuel chose our TSDZ2b motor kit with torque sensor and open source firmware, which enabled him to benefit from intuitive and adaptive pedaling assistance. An essential criterion for daily shopping. Display Pro was his choice for a minimalist, unobtrusive look. The 540Wh battery was the perfect choice to give it the long range it needs to get around.


Kit installation:

In a matter of days, the Syklo electric bike kit arrived at Samuel’s home, and he installed it in a matter of hours. A quick, carefree transition to your personalized electric velotaf.


Experience After Electrification:

Since its electrification, Samuel has been using his bike regularly to get to work and for leisure outings, with great pleasure. He was particularly impressed by the range, easily reaching 100 km with assistance mode 3 (out of 5).



Thanks to the electric bike kit and sound advice from the Syklo team, Samuel got a bike perfectly suited to his needs. His experience underlines the admirable quality and impressive performance of our electric bike kits, as well as the precision of our advice. All in all, Samuel highly recommends Syklo for the performance of its kit and the quality of its advice.


electrification velo ELOPS 900 Décathlon samuel

motor zoom TSDZ2b Tongsheng samuel elops 900 zoom speed sensor TSDZ2b Tongsheng samuel elops 900

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