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Joris’ Gravel Cannondale


Living in the mountainous Ardèche region of France, Joris thought of electrifying his Cannondale Topstone gravel bike to make his arduous journeys easier, especially when carrying his child. An avid cyclist, he already had experience with the TSDZ2 motor from our electrification kit, which he had previously purchased on AliExpress. This time, he chose to favor our French company Syklo, even if it was a little more expensive, bearing in mind that the two-year warranty and after-sales support are behind him.

Description of the Electrified Front Bike:

His Gravel Cannondale Topstone 2 was already a reliable partner beforeelectrification. With its superb color, sturdy aluminum frame, 10 gears and disc brakes, it was perfectly suited to the electrification kit.


Reasons for Electrification:

Given the topography of the Ardèche, Joris needed assistance to carry his child on the back of the bike. Electrifying his gravel bike was the ideal solution to offer him this facility and provide an alternative to the car.


Choice of Syklo Kit:

Due to the special characteristics of through-axle gravel wheels, onlyelectrification with a crankset motor kit was possible. In fact, wheel motors for through axles are not available on the market, at least not in 250W versions that comply with legislation. With this in mind, Joris opted for our electrification kit TSDZ2b motor with Open Source firmware. He also chose the Expert display for complete monitoring of engine and 540Wh battery performance.


Kit installation:

Fitting the electric motor kit to his gravel bike went without a hitch for Joris. Only one screw on the Expert display lever was too short for the handlebars of his gravel bike. Syklo immediately provided a solution by sending a suitable screw.


Experience After Electrification:

After electrifying his gravel bike, Joris says he’s very satisfied, praising the “particularly pleasant” experience when transporting his child in tow.



Joris’ story symbolizes the transformational potential ofelectrifying a gravel bike. With Syklo’s kit, he can now dominate the slopes of the Ardèche and transport his child with ease. It’s a brilliant illustration of the convergence between ecology and practicality that is Syklo’s core philosophy.



electrification cannondale gravel topstone joris


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