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Luc’s Lightning P38 recumbent bike


Luc is a passionate cyclist who has chosen to ride in style and comfort on his Lightning P38 recumbent bike. Aware of the special requirements of this type of bike, he looked for an electrification solution that would increase its ability to take on longer, more challenging journeys. The Syklo kit appeared to be the ideal solution, as he wanted to keep “the feeling of riding a bike”, and for this the torque sensor is an essential criterion.

Description of the Electrified Front Bike:

The Lightning P38 is a unique recumbent bike, renowned for its performance, handling and comfort. It’s not easy to find the perfect electrification system for this bike, as the positioning of the motor and battery is different from that of a traditional bike. In addition, the installation required the use of a mounting rail to secure the 540Wh battery, as there were no suitable gourd inserts to mount the battery.


Reasons for Electrification:

It was Luc’s desire to make longer, more challenging trips that prompted him to look for a way to electrify his bike. Having heard about the power of the TSDZ2B 250W pedal motor and its torque sensor, he decided to test Syklo’s electrification kit.

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Choice of Syklo Kit:

Luc was particularly attracted by the power of the TSDZ2B 250W motor, which promised to add a valuable helping hand to his rides. Syklo’s after-sales service and the option of workshop installation were also decisive factors in his decision.


Kit installation:

Luc opted for a workshop installation, which took just three hours to complete. Despite the challenges involved in installing such a kit on a recumbent bike, our team demonstrated precision and efficiency, ensuring seamless integration of the system.


Experience After Electrification:

Since installing the electrification kit on his recumbent bike, Luc has noticed a marked improvement in his journeys. He expressed his appreciation for the system’s efficiency, flexibility and ease of use, after completing an 80km journey with 1000m of ascent.



Luc’s experience is a perfect illustration of how our kit adapts to the particular needs of each cyclist. Our electrification kit enabled him to make the most of his Lightning P38 recumbent bike, underlining our commitment to promoting sustainable, environmentally-friendly mobility. Many thanks to Luc for his positive comments and for supporting our mission. We’re delighted to have been able to offer him a solution that perfectly met his expectations.


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