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10 reasons to order your bike electrification kit from us and it’s totally objective

πŸ” Discover 10 compelling reasons why Syklo should be your preferred choice for your next conversion kit! 🚴 Fast delivery ⚑, 24-month warranty πŸ“†, flexible firmware customization πŸ€–, and much more. 🀩 Read our article to find out more about the benefits of choosing Syklo. πŸ“–
electrification cannondale gravel topstone joris

540Wh battery (approx. 70km)

Pedal motor with torque sensor (250W and 80N.m)

Display with Open Source firmware

Give new life to your favorite bike

Good for your finances, good for the environment!


Article summary

Why Syklo should be your preferred choice for your conversion kit: 10 honest and convincing reasons!

Hey, you! Yes, if you’re looking for a conversion kit for your bicycle, you should definitely read this article before making your choice. Why? Because Syklo is the best possible kit, and we’re going to show it to you in 10 concrete points.

And if you’re too lazy to read, here’s the quick summary:

  1. With Syklo, you don’t have to wait three hours to receive your toy – delivery is lightning fast (well, almost). And once you have it in your hands, you benefit from a 24-month warranty. Not bad, eh?
  2. But that’s not all! You can also customize your kit’s firmware as you like, for a truly unique driving experience. And don’t worry, we’re with you every step of the way.
  3. On top of all that, at Syklo, we care about the environment (as I’m sure you do). We reduce our environmental impact by choosing durable, repairable components and avoiding unnecessary air transport.
  4. And last but not least, by choosing Syklo, you’re supporting an honest and transparent local company. No fraudulent sellers trying to charge you an exorbitant price without even paying their import VAT.

Convinced now? So go ahead and discover the rest of our advantages in this article!


Exceptional quality and repairability: the Syklo kit is your bike’s superhero, ready to last and save the planet!

Our kit is built to last, with quality parts and exceptional repairability. Once your warranty has expired, you can continue to hit the road with peace of mind, thanks to our parts availability and ease of maintenance. So don’t wait any longer, join our community of happy electric cyclists and enjoy your new bike with its electric kit!



Ride an electric-assist bike without breaking the bank!

We’re proud to offer competitive prices (it’s cheaper than Bafang’s BB01, we’ve done a comparison here), while including a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind. By electrifying a quality (even Decathlon or Intersport) used bike with our kit, you can be sure that you’ll get excellent value for money for your electric bike.



Our customer service is so great, you’ll want to call us just to say hello!

We realize that assembling an electrification kit can seem daunting for beginners. That’s why we’re committed to providing a local, expert service to help you choose the right product and configure it correctly. We know that conversions are often carried out on bikes from sports superstores such as DΓ©cathlon, Go Sport or Intersport (discussed here). We know these bikes inside out, and we’re here to help you find the right solution for your specific needs. Make an appointment with our team today and start your journey to an easy and enjoyable electric cycling experience.



The choice is yours: 4 conversion kit options to transform your bike into an electric beast.

We’ve created 4 variants to suit every need and budget, without ever sacrificing the quality of our products. You can be sure of finding the perfect kit for you. So don’t waste any more time, choose the ideal conversion kit to transform your bike into an efficient, environmentally-friendly electric vehicle.



Firmware is like a burger: customize it to your taste for a unique experience!

Our electric bike kit with Open Source firmware is the best choice for demanding cyclists who want a quality experience worthy of high-end bikes (but without shelling out €2500 πŸ™‚ ). Thanks to its powerful algorithms, you can read the information from the engine’s built-in torque sensor and customize its behavior as you wish. This exclusivity, compared to other kits (such as the Bafang BBS), offers flexible customization and a high-end driving experience. If you’re looking for a custom electric bike kit, opt for our solution with Open Source firmware for a superior experience.



No time to lose: rely on our fast delivery service to receive your electric motor in record time!

Delivery designed to get you to your door as quickly as possible, while limiting transport-related pollution. From Asia for some of our products to you, we choose solutions that have the least impact on the planet (train, shared truck, pick-up service).



24 months is a long time… but that’s how long our warranty lasts on an electric bike!

Our kit is designed to last, as we’ve already told you. We also provide 24 months of free after-sales service, and then of course we’ll help you make it last even longer. But it also depends on you, because an electric motor and a battery contain fragile parts, and you’ll need to follow the rules of good practice, such as not overriding the kit.

Details of the rules governing the use of our electric bike kit are available in our General Terms and Conditions.


Ease of use: you don’t need to be a genius to convert your bike to electric!

Our electric motor kit is designed to make your job easier, whether you’re fitting it (to any type of bike), dismantling it or servicing it. What’s more, we’ve provided a detailed installation guide that you can access at any time (here), so you can get the most out of your kit quickly and easily. We’re proud to offer you a pleasant and efficient user experience, because your satisfaction is our top priority. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests for assistance. We’re here to help.


Reducing your carbon footprint has never been easier: opt for our electric bike motor kit!

Of course, we know that the big online marketplaces (such as Alitruc and Amazmachin) offer more affordable prices. Although the lower-end kits are not comparable to Syklo’s, it’s easy to be tempted. However, there’s a triple risk: you don’t get reliable after-sales service (let alone for 24 months!), the components have a reduced lifespan and, above all, the environmental impact is neither studied nor reduced due to the air transport favored on these platforms.



Amazon can go to hell: our company is here to offer you an ethical and responsible alternative!

We’ve chosen to be transparent about the origin of our parts and components, but it’s still in the interest of the local economy to favor a company that complies with legal and fiscal obligations. Unfortunately, this is not always the case (despite European directives) on major online sales platforms, where some fraudulent sellers deliberately seek to avoid VAT (mainly on baskets over €150).

To find out more about this situation, which does not only concern bicycle electrification kits, the Attac association has published a very informative study:


electrification velo ELOPS 900 DΓ©cathlon samuel

540Wh battery (approx. 70km)

Pedal motor with torque sensor (250W and 80N.m)

Display with Open Source firmware

Give new life to your favorite bike

Good for your finances, good for the environment!

*From €850 with battery 🫣

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